11 Dream Centres That Support Your Soul

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Foreword by Nigel Taylor (Nigetaylor.com) I have been blessed to travel my whole life. I have journeyed far and wide, meeting folks of many cultures and visiting places reaching the extremes of both population density and population scarcity.

There have been places that I would return to in a heartbeat (if I could get there) and then there are those places I would go to great lengths to avoid returning to.

The places that pulled me in did so immediately. It was the pull of the soul and the feeling of being home that gave them such power for me.

One such place was Bamiyan in Afghanistan (now destroyed by the Taliban). This sacred valley, rich with the huge statues of the Lord Buddha, spoke in great silence to my heart. I could have spent ages there, just soaking up the vibrations of this place. However, needless to say, there were two reasons that this did not take place. Firstly, I was actually very sick and secondly, the advance stages of the Soviet invasion were all around the valley. However, with these two factors in mind, it tells you something about the special power of that sacred spot.

There were many others that held this power for me, yet today I want to suggest to you a read of this article which speaks of the 10 top eco-destinations in North America.

You will see here that, across this wide expanse of land, some very gifted people of our age have sough to create places of retreat. These, whilst not being “Bamiyan”, have been designed to provide a sanctuary away from the intense vibration of everyday life. Now, ideally you could pick one or more of these, put them on a bucket list, and travel to them physically in this lifetime.

I know that is probably not realistic for many for varied reasons, so, here is what I suggest you do.

  • Read the article and acquaint yourself with these places.
  • Get a feel for them.
  • Dig deeper into the net to find out more.
  • Then, using the power of your consciousness, meditate yourself daily into these places one by one, and …
  • Pull in the healing power of that which has been created there.

This is a very real exercise and one that has very real benefits.

  • It calms the inner conscious activity,
  • Provides stress relief for the nervous system,
  • Unlocks tension, and
  • Provides all the benefits of healing relaxation and meditation.

These benefits are greatly needed today for most of us.

As you progress through this article, you will see mentioned one particular place in New York state. That is the Omega Institute. I will be delivering a 5 day live in retreat at Omega from October 3-7. Numbers are limited, but if you want to experience it in physical reality, then check out the links on our site.

Otherwise, dream yourself into it. So, enjoy the article. It is well written and carries great potential for inner healing.

Until later, enjoy many happy moments…


PS: The article mentions 10 top Eco-Destinations. I have included one for you myself making it 11. This is the one you have to experience to believe. Read the article and my intro and see if you can work it out!

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