By Nigel Taylor (   Your inability to get a good nights sleep is, with little doubt, one of the major stress factors in any individual life.

The actual lack of sleep is rarely due to the body’s inability to manifest it, but more directly related to the causal factors that interrupt this ability. These causal factors are mental and emotional in nature and reflect areas of life that act to prevent full-scale sleep from taking hold.

  • They do so for one key reason. There is an inherent, sub-conscious fear of the loss of control over those areas of life that are the primary stressors. So…
  • If monetary lack is a factor, the thought lines keep tracking all manner of derivative ideas related to that issue.
  • If the main stressor is relationships, then the thought lines track all the derivatives of that issue.
  • If it is a health concern, the circular repetitive thoughts keep on tracking in a manner that interrupts healthy sleep.

The same can be said for each and every major stressor in life. Employment, unfinished projects and deadlines, concern about loved ones and so forth.

Each of the major stressors has the capacity to negatively influence the free flow of the body’s normal, natural cycles. Hence there is interruption to…

  • Digestion
  • Metabolism which affects weight gain and or loss
  • Harmony in life. Feelings of being overwhelmed by circumstances that are out of one’s control
  • Loss of interest in sex and the general passion for life
  • Headaches many of which may be related to unresolved tensions in relationships across the board. Even old hurts play out now
  • Aging also starts to show signs of becoming premature. Lines appear on the face, hair starts to lose its color and luster.

Now it is important to note that many of these interruptions to sleep may in and of themselves be related to factors such as diet (think late night caffeine), environmental factors, such as air pollution, seasonal allergies, electro-magnetic fields interfering in the brain wave activity (think smart meters, home WiFi, TV etc.) and then there is the comfort of the bed.

sleep-4  However, regardless of all of the above, the mind, when trained properly has the capacity to override these negative factors and manifest deep, healing sleep.

Evidence of this comes through when a person subjects themselves to a highly trained hypnotist who can lead them through the maze of obstacles, plant the seeds of a healthy sleep and let nature run its course. In this instance someone else has precipitated your sleep for you, but the point remains the same.

One can override these negative influences when one understands consciousness and how to work with it.

Also, as a consequence and rarely understood, there are further interruptions to less tangible cycles such as…

  • Financial cycles
  • Learning cycles
  • Spiritual endeavors
  • Health cycles
  • Relationship cycles

These are less tangible in that there are many factors that are causal to our daily activities which are not seen in the physical domain.

banner-3Now these latter ones normally flow in a natural rhythm, whereby like the seasons of the earth moving effortlessly from Summer to Autumn, Winter, Spring and back into Summer, so too do we also have a natural, innate tendency to follow the same cyclical pattern.

It is normal, healthy and purposeful. You will see these cycles unfold in digestion, aging and of course sleep.

For us it is similar in that we do by nature tend to hibernate in Winter and come out into the blossoms of life in Spring, full bloom in our life activities in Summer and then retreat back in Fall as we let go of things no longer serving us.

If we do that naturally, then sleep is not affected by trying to hold on to that which no longer serves us.

Normal sleep patterns run the cycle of ninety minutes, plus or minus a few minutes either side. These normal cycles align the electrical brain wave activity from high Beta brain wave frequency, down through Alpha, into Theta and bottoming out at Delta. From there it is a slow cycle back up through the frequencies to bring us back to reverie, where in a normal sleep we would simply shift a little, adjust and move back on down through the next ninety minute cycle. We average between four to six of these per night.

That is for the healthy individual.

Now what happens if we consciously interrupt these cycles through activities that are detrimental to the free flow of their benefits. We get out of “synch’ or rather out of “sorts”. There are specific benefits that come from us passing through each of these frequency levels and those benefits reveal themselves in different ways.

  • Truncate these cycles and we impede the quality of our life
  • Impede the quality of our life and of course the stressors loop back on us to
  • Impede the quality of our sleep. Enter “Insomnia”.

Contemporary medical advice often suggests the use of sleeping pills. (Think Heath Ledger and his well documented experiences with them).

sleep-7 Now not all sleeping aids are bad, however if one artificially interferes with a normal natural cycle by use of chemicals, these chemicals release specific frequencies into the body, mind, complex which have their own causal effect. A little research will make that clear to you.

Working toward a scenario that brings normal, natural, healthy sleep also brings with it healthy, informative dreams rich in lessons and wisdom.

At the physical and emotional level comes greater alertness, mental clarity, physical vitality and stamina for dealing with life’s everyday challenges. All up, a good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold.

Now there are many ways of achieving this. A good exercise program, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Reflexology, Chiropractic work, meditation, diet etc. The list is endless.

For my part I am a great believer in getting right into the root causal arena of the challenge itself. To that end you will find on this page a link to our technology of SATSONICS.

Using SATSONICS I have produced for you sleep specific meditative journeys. Using brainwave entrainment, binaural and Isochronic frequencies, Solfeggio based, together with deep guided visual imagery these meditations work to help you take control back into your life.

satsonics As you progress through the SATSONICS support meditations (there are also those for other areas such as health, relationships etc.) you will also find that we have designed support materials which are stand alone powerful for helping you restore healthy sleep.

That is to say our Circle of Light Community is a program that specifically opens up the core elements of what it is to be human, explores the topics, introduces understandings and helps you eliminate unhelpful baggage from your multi-dimensional body.

In conjunction with the Circle of Light we have the higher teachings of 33”. These teachings although looking quite simple are very powerful. They are 33 days (or months, or years if you desire) of teachings gleaned form the Mystical Masters of the ages. These are the guideposts to ensuring that your life not only gets back on track, but that you also have no need to fill your mind with detrimental blocks that interrupt a good quality sleep.

So there you go.

Have a dive into SATSONICS and enjoy it.

Move into the Circle of Light by joining us in our evolutionary work and…

Take the leap into higher consciousness by indulging in “33”.

I also am currently conducting 1 hour webcasts to dive much deeper into this subject. In these online webcasts I explain how to best use the SATSONICS guided meditations and the audio-only tracks to achieve a near-immediate deep and restful sleep state. The principles are rather involved but easy to attain if practiced as I explain in the webcast.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Many blessings,


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