You are here for a reason: to experience peace, well being and love… to learn to embrace your brilliant future… and to share the fruits with the world community. That makes you and Nigel Taylor kindred spirits. Read on to learn more about your brother in your quest for a better life and better world…

Nigel-TaylorWhat does it mean to be human? What is this “reality” that shapes your life? What is your true purpose? Can you communicate with Divinity? Can you touch The Source? And assuming you can, how will it help you solve the problems which plague us today?

Since the day he was born, Nigel Taylor’s lifelong mission has been to answer these questions by teaching you the truth: about who you are, what you are meant to do, and what your life really means.

Nigel-TaylorWhile Australia is Nigel’s homeland, he has traveled to more than 45 countries as an author, teacher, healer, and spiritual counselor, and has served individuals, schools, corporations, and institutions across the planet with his transformational teachings.

People the world over put their trust in Nigel, for he has no agenda other than love and truth, and he has been gifted with direct guidance from divine sources. Past and present masters lead him on his path of service, and he has met and shared across dimensions with many spiritual teachers, beings who care for us and are shaping our reality.

Yet despite his intimate relationships with these masters, Nigel believes that we are all equal in the eyes of Spirit. You have the same capacity to experience love and light as the ascended masters, and it is Nigel’s quest to remind you of this truth and how you how to walk in their footsteps.

Nigel-TaylorA man of the world with a heart connected to Spirit, Nigel has been called a “teacher of teachers” and “ambassador of the heart.” He is an extraordinarily gifted Lightworker and he makes even the most profound disciplines and concepts accessible to all. His peers consider him an expert in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection, effective life guidance training, health and healing, spiritual management, the self-realization pathways, esoteric wisdom, and the principles of spiritual mastery.

For more than 30 years, from the Australian outback to our largest urban centers, Nigel has presented classes, lectures, workshops and training to individuals and groups in the education sector, health care, business, government, as well as to seekers, dreamers, skeptics and believers of all ages and faiths. He has studied deeply in ancient spiritual practices across creed and culture, and his daily life is centered around the most important disciplines in the spiritual and human potential movements.

The deep knowing conveyed in Nigel lectures, CD meditation series, DVDs, books and writings is balanced with joy, humor and simplicity. His classes and workshops include The Power Before Thought, The Healing Matrix, Secrets from the Master’s Heart, The Practical Mystic, The HeartSpace Initiation, and The New MBA (Management by Awareness).

Nigel has done personal and group healing work from Australia to India, Singapore, Thailand, through to Europe, the U.S. and Central America, and is involved involvement in a variety of world community projects, including the support of spiritually driven charitable institutions in India.

As a teacher, consultant, keynote speaker, media guest, executive and personal mentor, Nigel Taylor’s guidance has empowered thousands with wisdom, clarity and comfort in our troubled times. When he touches your heart, you are forever inspired to create a healthy, enjoyable, and peace-filled life. Whether in person or through audio and video, Nigel’s warmth, love, and reverence for the truth will reveal your own true, personal path to mastery.