The Secret Attraction In The Heart

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The Dreamer, Mind and Creation

Those of you who know me are aware that I take my guidance in life from the central Source of my being, the One Source that I call “The Dreamer”. During a recent radio interview, I was asked, “Who is the Dreamer?” My answer came as, “the Dreamer is Pure Love.” So what then is Pure Love? What is this Secret Attraction in the heart!

As a young child, I travelled in Spirit to meet with a divine being of pure light and love. He/She was my Dreamer. Such meetings were always times of great joy, learning, and excitement. As the years passed I followed the inner promptings of my heart. I trekked across this world numerous times in search of the greater purpose, meaning or role of this divine creation. Through these travels I had, and continue to have, the opportunity to meet my teachers. They are the men, women and children from all races, creeds and cultures, who step forward to bring forth some aspect of the Dreamer’s love for me, so that I may integrate it into my being.

Through this sharing came first a much needed purging of my Lower Mind and the attachments to beliefs, attitudes, desires, and aspirations that could no longer support a healthy vibrant spiritual pursuit. As these began to dissolve, then did the richness of the Higher Mind come into play. Divine Masters, beings of Pure Love, would readily advance themselves, teaching, correcting, and directing the onward expansion of my journey.

The evolution from Lower Mind to Higher Mind is an important key, but it must never be seen as the end of the journey. The Masters play their role inside mind, elevating us all into the heart. They all have this secret attraction in the heart to which we are drawn. All aspirants must – sooner or later – surrender the mind, and as a result surrender their attachments to each and every Master who represents a form of the Dreamer. Meeting the Christ, Lord Buddha, and Archangel Michael are beautiful experiences. They are not, however, the final reality. In this journey, one must learn to surrender the Higher Mind – the Pure Mind – to the Pure Heart. This requires dissolution and evolution of our beingness.

Through this dissolution, one comes to realise that the Dreamer is the eternal Source of Pure Love, Light and Joy, resident in all beingness. As we already know, when we are ready the teacher will appear. It is to that end that the Dreamer’s presence has intensified throughout my life.

Several years ago the Dreamer gifted my wife, Regina, and me many volumes worth of insights into the full spectrum of “life’s burning questions”. They are to be released as time unfolds through the “Secrets From The Master’s Heart” book series. Beginning next week, through this blog space we will offer highlights from these conversations with the Dreamer. We believe you will find them as enlightening and compelling as we have.

Stay tuned – and Enjoy!

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