The Law of Attraction And Personality Types

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The Law of Attraction  is no secret. It has been cut, diced and spliced into infinite philosophies and keys. One area that it has not really addressed is that our personality. It is time to look at that which is the driving force of how Soul energies merge with the personality to bring forth a complex, magnetic energy of being. So let’s start by exploring this a little deeper…

Lin Yutang, in his book The Importance of Living (1937), offers us the following insight which we will relate to the Law of Attraction. Given that as a person thinketh, so they become, this is great food for thought. In fact, it is great material to meditate and contemplate upon.

Reality – Dreams = Animal Being Reality + Dreams = Heart-ache (usually called Idealism)

Reality + Humour = Realism (also called Conservatism)

Dreams – Humour = Fanaticism

Dreams + Humour = Fantasy

Reality + Dreams + Humour = Wisdom

This great quote from the old Chinese philosopher may seem a little deep at first glance. However, a quick study reveals how many modern seekers of consciousness progress on the path through life. Wisdom worth sharing…

Reality – Dreams = Animal Being Reality – or what appears externally as being “an absolute” – reveals to us that we live in a world that is physical. It is populated by humans. We humans are reaching the Zenith of our population mass and close to destroying ourselves through vices such as greed, violence, etc. This may seem a harsh analysis, but in this model it is a fairly clear one. Let’s say we take away our human hope, aspiration and, hence, the collective dream of making things better – for self and others. In this context our lives would appear to be no better than that of the average animal. Animals spend life foraging the earth looking for shelter and sustenance. But we know we are better than that. So what can we do? Immersed in collective cultural overload without dreams? We set out to learn about ourselves and how we function. We attend a few classes and study a little, read some books. Then what do we do?

Reality + Dreams = Heart-ache/Idealism We introduce dreams to our reality. These are hopes, aspirations and pursuits that lead us towards greater things. This, however, presents a challenge as well! You see, we can only really aspire to reach for what is greater in context of a society, or social structure. The bottom line is, we need each other to reach our dreams. Who is going to grow your food, attend to your health needs, and provide electricity, etc? We need each other. Sadly though, many of the dreamers among us, who wish for a better way of collective being, become idealists. We hold ideals, but are unable to manifest them into being. Why? Because our dreams are not a global dream. They are individual to us. Others cannot grasp the importance of our dreams and we realize that our quest is not shared.

Reality + Humour = Realism (also called Conservatism) So, let’s add a little humour to this situation. Reality plus humour leads to Realism. Now we are getting somewhere! Let’s be practical. We add a bit of lightness to our journey and gain the capacity to look at ourselves and our situation in a different way. We observe a funny side to our plight and that of our fellow human beings. We see the limitations and can laugh about them. We see “our lot in life” in context of a series of unattainable goals. We look at reality and strive through life, knowing in our hearts that life is one big joke.

Dreams – Humour = Fanaticism Those who take life lightly like this meet their nemesis on the road. Our nemesis says, “You should not be so flippant about the challenges of life. By all means hold on to your dreams, but cut the humour! Life is serious.” We then hold our dreams but have no humour. We see these folks everywhere. They are fanatics preaching the gospel of their own truth – any truth. There is nothing funny in any of the ideological stances we take when we are devoid of humour. And New Agers are not immune! The seeker who is resolutely stuck into the ideology of how the mind works and doesn’t work can slip into this pitfall. Sometimes, even the ideology of being “spiritual” and “conscious” can impose unconstructive rules and behaviours. These can then prevent expansion and create the eventual death of the ideas they believe to be true! For our ideas to grow, we must be able to laugh at ourselves (un-fanatically) as we argue for their strengths.

Dreams + Humour = Fantasy And then, along another beam of the dream spectrum we might find ourselves in fantasy-land. Sometimes, when we introduce humour to our dreams, we can lose the grip on reality that is needed to survive and thrive in the world around us. We hold great dreams and enjoy great humour as we pursue them. We explain away everything that happens, lightly and with humour. Ever heard, “It was meant to be.” Or, “Never mind, look how much better off we all are as a result.” This is the realm of fantasy. Our world has, in so many ways, chosen to escape into fantasy, so as to avoid looking at what we have created as reality; namely, our external projections. We take that reality and blow it up into extreme fantasy and then wonder why we live in a world that seems more fantastical by the hour! However, there is always another quality of being. This is the one that is reached for when souls, who have trodden all of the above stages, reach out and seek for the abiding Truth that determines the nature of their being.

Reality + Dreams + Humour = Wisdom What happens to us when we seek this pathway of authentic Truth? We take reality, inject our dreams, and yet remain always mindful of the funny side of everything in creation – including ourselves. This leads to wisdom. Wisdom is found in looking at that which we have perceived as real, seeking to engage it, and then improve upon it, for the sake of the creative urge – and doing so without strict adherence to laws and rules that specify what “must be”. In doing this we become the wise. We become those who understand with wisdom and are wise with understanding. Where are you on the path? My guess is, if you have read this to the end, you are heading towards the latter – wisdom. You are ready to truly engage life at all levels for all that it offers. And you are ready to bring deep inner wisdom into place, thereby helping not only yourself, but also those with whom you share.

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