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One Heart Only – Where The Dreamer Resides!

As promised, we begin our journey with the Dreamer into HeartSpace. Where the seemingly infinite questions of our minds find answers in the silent knowing of our heart as Source. I won’t take the time to add it here, but you might find it useful to click this link: (The Dreamtime) You will find deeper insights about the Dreamer and the Dreaming that illuminate the nature of our play inside this game of Creation. And now let us begin our Q&A with the Dreamer. Each week we will explore a short glimpse into the infinite, just enough to reveal your next “big” question!

Your Heart is a Copy

Dreamer: I shall speak to your heart, and I shall speak of your heart. This is the basis of Pure Love. There are those who do not understand what the heart is. They believe it is something that sits within the chest that can be attacked, will die, or may itself lead to death. This is not so; it is not in the chest.

There is an organ in the chest, the form of which is known by the name “heart.” It is simply a form and a receptacle for holding the core of Pure Love. It is better to refer to this physical organ as the copy of the Pure Heart. A recipient of the intent of the mind for the body and for all the resultant life force that flows through this organ to vitalize the incarnate soul’s temple.

Q: So what is the Pure Heart, if what we have in our chest is a copy?

Dreamer: There is only one Pure Heart, one Divine Heart. One only! It is an illusion to dance around this topic, for the sake of reason and to keep the mind happy.

The mind cannot know that which is beyond the mind. It is to this Pure Heart that each man, woman, and child owes its pulse; its pulsating wave of life that rises up with the Force of this Central Heart and slips back down into the state of cosmic silence. Each individual must make the effort to discover this Central Source, this Ocean of Love that is the Pure Heart!

The Pure Heart’s ambassador in each soul, the spiritual heart, is a wishing well of Pure Love. The nature of the spiritual heart is Pure Love, but it is polluted by waters stagnant with the presence of desire, ego, and selfishness. Eliminate these qualities and the Pure Heart is once again revealed.

Comment by Nigel

So much emphasis today is placed upon learning to understand the mind. Here the Dreamer inspires us to step away from that attraction and take some quiet time. Not in the mind, but rather in the inner recesses of the silent heart. Meditation is the key. It is spiritual surgery and cuts away the unnecessary attachments that we will always find glued to the mind.

Hence the word mind has in common much with Maya – illusion. Take time to meditate each day, even if it just a few minutes. If you need some help, then use the meditation series Whispers of Wisdom.

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