Why Too Much Sleep Is Bad For Your Health

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How many hours of sleep are you getting?

By LISA RYAN (dailymail.co.uk) – We’re often told that sleep is the best medicine.

But, a new study revealed that too much sleep is hazardous to your health.

Sleeping more than nine hours a night – combined with sitting too much during the day and a lack of exercise – can be just as bad for you as smoking and drinking alcohol.

People living sedentary lives are four times as likely to die early, experts warned.

There has been mounting evidence over the past few years that sitting for too long is bad for you.

Previous studies have also indicated that sleep can have an impact on your health.

This study, from the University of Sydney, was the first to look at the impact of both sleep and sitting together.

Dr Melody Ding, study author and senior research fellow at the University of Sydney: ‘When you add a lack of exercise into the mix, you get a type of “triple whammy” effect.

‘Our study shows that we should really be taking these behaviors together as seriously as we do risk factors such as levels of drinking and unhealthy eating patterns.’

Dr Ding and a team of researchers looked at the health behaivors of more than 230,000 participants in ’45 and Up Study’ – Australia’s largest study, which looks at health as we age.

The researchers analysed lifestyle behaviors that are already known to increase the risk of disease – including smoking, excess drinking, poor diet and being physically inactive.

They added excess sitting time and too little or too much sleep into the equation as well.

The researchers also looked at different combinations of the risk factors to determine which of the groupings were most likely to…



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