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“Australian Nigel Taylor has been called a “teacher of teachers.” As author, teacher, healer, and spiritual counselor, he has served individuals, schools, corporations, and institutions across the planet in a transformational capacity.”

Nigel is known to his peers and students as an extraordinarily gifted Lightworker. He travels the world sharing love, light, and wisdom and is known for the powerful presentation of his message. Speaking directly from the experiences of his own truth, he communicates a love of the Divine , a reverence for the truth, and a mastery of the path.”

Nigel has been teaching Mind-Body-Spirit connection, effective life guidance training, health and healing, spiritual management, Self Realization, esoteric wisdom, and principles of spiritual mastery for more than 30 years to groups in the public arena, education sector, health, business, and government. His teaching is based on a lifetime of extensive personal involvement with a multitude of disciplines. His exploration delves deeply into the study of ancient spiritual practices found across creed and culture. This broad experience has availed him of the ability to communicate effectively to participants spanning the full spectrum of age and culture.”

Nigel’s passionate belief in the great significance of the times in which we live has driven him, from birth, to explore the true nature of reality. His background, from childhood to adulthood, has made him a man of the world with a heart connected to Spirit.

At the age of 12 he began his first business to assist in the support of his family. He continued this entrepreneurial trend and then trained in Radio and Television and began his own entertainment company. His university education then led him to pursue a career in teaching. Teaching took him to the Australian outback where he shared with and taught Aborigines. These relationships created a profound spark for his work with the Mind and Spirit. He held a senior teaching position within the Australian educational system before a departure to embark on the journey of his present life work.”

Nigel has traveled to more than 45 countries to either study or teach the people, philosophies, and spiritual teachings of our world. The breadth of his personal experience and professional training has inspired his many courses taught throughout the world. Classes as broad and diverse as The Healing Matrix, Secrets from the Master’s Heart , The Practical Mystic and The HeartSpace Initiation have captivated the hearts and souls of people around the globe.

The heartfelt truths of these courses infuse themselves also into his New MBA (Management by Awareness) workshop and healing work. All have touched the lives of students from Australia to India, Singapore, Thailand, through to Europe, the U.S. and Central America. His work has reached beyond seminar delivery to include extensive involvement in a variety of world community projects, including the support of spiritually driven charitable institutions in India .

Nigel’s work as teacher, consultant, keynote speaker, media guest, executive and personal mentor has created international interest through the charismatic application of his deep and heartfelt knowledge to create transformation of many significant personal, organizational, and societal issues. His life’s work has been strongly inspired and guided by his association with some of the finest souls of past and present.

Above all, he has been gifted guidance by many divine masters who have led him along this path of service. He has met and shared across dimensions with spiritual teachers who have shaped, and continue to shape, the reality in which we live and into which we are transiting. And yet, he is the first to remind us that we are all equal in the eyes of Spirit. We all have the same capacity to experience love and light. Nigel’s quest is to remind us of this truth. He achieves this through the mastery of his own life and the deep appreciation he has for those with whom he shares.

The deep knowing conveyed in his many programs, CD series, DVDs, books and writings is balanced with a joy and simplicity which makes his work engaging, entertaining, and understandable to all. His profound guidance empowers and leads those whose lives he touches to create healthy, enjoyable, and peace filled lives.”

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